Charged: Customized

For this week-long project, we received a design brief involving a service with multiple touch-points that would provide electricity on-demand for subscribers to charge all their devices on the go. Throughout this course, we learned to use video as a prototyping tool to execute and develop our ideas.

Starting out with a low-fidelity video, we used a paper prototype to demonstrate our product and service. Our solution/product, Charged, was a compact adaptor that could be mounted onto a phone cover, customized with charging ports for all of the user’s devices, using a transparent solar panel to provide electricity whenever required. We received a lot of user feedback on our initial concept, which we used to improve the next iteration of our solution, and incorporated quotes into our high-fidelity video in the form of voiceovers.

During this two-week course, we were exposed to various aspects of film-production: we learnt storyboarding techniques, how to plan a shoot, camera and lighting techniques, editing, post-production effects, script-writing, and the basics of sound design and recording voiceovers.