Spotify Rapid Experience Prototypes

The brief for this course was to explore unique experiences related to the Spotify service through prototyping. The goal was to give users new ways to create, discover and share music. Each of the 4 days of exploration was dedicated to a certain topic:

Day 1 — Workout
The Spotify Interactive Workout aims to make outdoor cross-fit stations fun again! Every training module is an instrument by itself, creating its own unique sound when people interact with it. Multiple people can play simultaneously to create a one-of-a-kind workout orchestra.

Day 2 — Commute
Like every scratch on an old leather couch tells a story, the Spotify Throne lets you discover the emotional history of people who sat in the same metro-seat as you. If you sit down, you can access a hidden playlist only available during your ride. When you leave the metro you are asked to leave a song for the next person.

Day 3 — At Work
The Spotify Bubble lets you create a private space within a larger workspace. Through futuristic noise cancellation technology, you can mute your surroundings and listen to music without distracting your environment. The bubble can be adjusted in size and can even be used to mute annoying office supplies.

Day 4 — Sleep
With Spotify Snore you can transform your partners noisy sleep sounds into meditative melodies. Through the mask’s turning knobs, the loudness and the kind of melody can be adjusted. When it is time to wake up, the mask automatically turns off, so that you can wake up to your familiar soundscape.