Spotify Future – Rapid Experience Prototyping

The Rapid Experience Prototyping course centred around the ability to rapidly, cheaply, and convincingly stimulate what actual experience of an idea might feel like. Our instructors, Dario Buzzini and Rahul Sen, facilitated the workshop with critical advice and great emphasis on the role of fun during the process.

Music for Every Moment” was the theme for the brief, leading the group to an exploration into how the service of Spotify could be integrated in workout sessions, commuting trips, during work, and while sleeping.

The group decided to gear their approach towards the future, avoiding any limitations on first ideation rounds.

With only one day to ideate/brainstorm, producing prototypes, and manifesting a video by the afternoon, focused analysis of context and relevant interaction was key in our thinking about existing Spotify platform extensions.

Concept 1 – Spotify Revolution: An exploration into the arcade world imagining Spotify treadmill loop that pushes your work out game with suitable sound, while challenging your Spotify social circle in an augmented reality race.

Concept 2 – Spotify Trail: Rendering sharing and following people on Spotify to more than just clicking through digital UI’s. Trail refreshes your daily commute by providing a device that helps you listen to music consumers in your immediate environment.

Concept 3 – Spotify Fruit: A simple way of staying healthy and sharing music during work hours by injecting favourite tracks, albums and playlists inside various fruits served in the break room at work.

Concept 4 – Spotify Absorb: This bracelet allows to record soundscapes of existing calming locations one goes to. The user can then pull these soundscapes to direct lucid dreams through a special sleeping mask.