Rapid Experience Prototyping through music

Music makes moments, and over the course of four days CIID students were challenged to integrate Spotify into four of our most common daily rituals: Exercising, Commuting, Working and Sleeping.

The challenge was to do this convincingly and appropriately, thinking through important interactions within each scenario before prototyping the service through the medium of video. Groups had eight hours to conceive and convey each rapid experience prototype.

Exercising – Spotify Luv Machine

If you want to burn calories sometimes it’s better to head to the bedroom than the gym. Spotify Luv Machine seeks to turn up the volume on your sex drive and get you pumping more than just iron. Through a series of curated audio training sessions, you advance through levels, constantly enhancing sexual prowess. To put the new skills to good use, the service features a series of sexual related challenges, helping you find consensual partners and creating the perfect playlist to get you in the mood for sexercise.  

Commuting – Spotify Superstar

To help transform the morning commute into a more fun, social activity, the group created Spotify Superstar – a new add-on that turns anyone around you into a potential music idol. Activating the service through Spotify, users seek out a potential idol in their vicinity and select a song. A live stream of the idol singing is then generated, giving the user the option to broadcast the stream to a wider network. Others can tune in and up/down vote performers, giving the user the chance to make a star, all unbeknown to the unwitting idol.

Working – Spotify Sweet Escape

To help people at work escape the mundane the group developed Spotify Sweet Escape. After signing up, the service generates a musical alter-ego, on hand to provide you with the perfect tracks at the right time. The alter ego is displayed holographically and features a voice based interface, allowing for control through natural speech.

Sleeping – Spotify Shut Eye
Sleep disorders were the inspiration for a new service that brings positive aspects of sleep related conditions to a wider audience. Using a mirror based interface, Spotify Shut-Eye is integrated into the user’s nightly ritual, allowing them to select their desired condition before heading to bed. Based on the request, Shut-Eye uses music and mechanics to adjust the mood and position of the bed to coax the user into their desired activity.