How might we create tangible user interfaces to either control or display content without using a screen? Presented with 12 options of APIs to use with the new Genuino MKR 1000, the group started the process with some quick ideation the APIs the group felt strongest about.

With starting point as the Google Calendar API, the group designed and built low fidelity prototypes to explore the idea of a physical agenda.

With Google Calendar being widely used in the workplace, sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep track of how your week may look. timely is a way to visually forecast the upcoming work-week using tension as a way to illustrate possibly tense or stressful days.

Using Temboo, Google Calendar API and an Genuino to pull your upcoming week’s meetings and events, timely updates – rotating each day based on how many events are scheduled. The more events scheduled in a day, the more tightly wound the day appears.

The visual forecast is used to create awareness, while capacitive sensors in timely make it easy to adjust busy days by simply grabbing all three prongs of the chosen day. timely will then distribute your time more evenly throughout the day by rescheduling events and meetings, while automatically notifying attendees if needed.

See our slides: http://goo.gl/EI0u4L

See our feature on the Arduino Blog: https://blog.arduino.cc/2016/04/26/explore-your-weekly-calendar-through-a-tangible-interface/