Light Sensitive Stereo

After learning some of the basics of Arduino, it lead to the further exploration of using audio to be triggered by a sensor. Using an MP3 Shield connected to the arduino, it was loaded up with 3 MP3 tracks which was then attached to a photoresistor to trigger the tracks by the amount of light entering into the sensor. In order to get an output to the 2 stereos an adafruit amplifier was connected to allow for adjustable gain and volume.

Creating 3 variables in Arduino code, it allowed for more control of the light sensitivity and created 3 different moods based on the input of low-light, medium-light and a lot of light. Each mood was then played through the stereo and would only be triggered to a new track once the state changed.

Light Sensitive Stereo was created and designed and housed in acrylic. Acrylic was chosen to showcase the chips and boards inside.