Challenged by the København Kommune to make Valby Idraetspark ‘bigger and better’ the team embarked on a two-week exploration of user needs to provide people-centric solutions.

The starting point was initial research to understand how the way of life in Valby is shaped by the sport and communities of Valby Idraetspark. To gain insights in-depth interviews were conducted with 2 expert users. Guerrilla tactics were also employed to gather more research data. Using a card selection game as an interview tool allowed the team to uncover surprising findings from respondents and the insight that sport was simply the entry point to deeper social interactions at the club.

After gathering and distilling the collected data, an image began to emerge of a club with various closely-knit micro-communities, with members socially-active within their sport, yet little intermingling and no overall identity. This led to the team deciding to explore the following design challenge: How might we help Valby Idraetspark grow from a sum of different spaces to a global entity through entry points.

After an iterative process of analysis, ideation and co-creation with group brainstorming, the team developed three concepts to address this design challenge for discussion with the Kommune. The final concepts were:

IdraetsGarden: A garden allowing members of the club to come together in a new shared space, strengthening ties between sports whilst providing a great activity for everyone especially the elderly and young.

Team Colours: Uniting the different buildings of Valby Idraetspark using colour and graphics to express individual and collective identities.

Ø – Idraetspark Microbrewery: A space to bring teams and visitors together around their favourite shared social activity. The micro brewery would serve a variety of fan favourites including Idraetspark’s very own brew – Ø Beer