Collective Memory / Park Dioramas

The Københavns Kommune was looking to improve the overall image of Valby Idraetspark, to make it ‘bigger and better’ as an open objective. We began this two-week project with the research goal of deepening the knowledge of the role the park plays for its surroundings, understanding the general perception of the park, and identifying the opportunities that arise from this.

Our research consisted initially of scheduled user interviews with non-users of the park, as well as guerrilla interviews conducted in and around the facilities of Valby Idraetspark. These in-depth interviews were supplemented by two research tools: a hypothetical flyer, in which we asked interviewees to provide a headline, a quick sketch, and three keywords they associated with Valby Idraetspark; and an experience map, in which people were asked to describe their sporting activities outside the park in a descriptive timeline form.

All the data obtained was then segregated by themes and after analysis, we drew six key insights from our observations. From all our findings, there was an overwhelming sense that the residents of Valby wanted to feel a tangible sense of ownership toward the park, be actively involved in shaping the park, and have a strong feeling of community linked to it. From our findings, we arrived upon the design opportunity: How might we create a sense of inclusiveness in Valby Idraetspark by incorporating ideas from Valby residents?

This was followed by a brainstorming session, after which we refined three concepts:

Collective Memory:
An enhanced layer of historical information and audiovisual media (both municipality and people-sourced) which would reveal itself only when a user is present at certain locations within the park, using a smartphone app. This content would also populate interactive data visualisations in public spaces to create awareness.

Park Improver:
Smartphone app that allows park users to identify problem areas, or areas for improvement – and submit them to the municipality along with a photo and short description, for review. Other people can upvote or downvote issues, so high-priority issues can be resolved sooner.

Park Dioramas / Fab Lab:

The installation of a fabrication lab, with miniature versions of the park in the form of dioramas, along with small toolboxes of prototyping materials would allow people to convey their vision for the park.