The PyroGraph is a big scale experimental plotter which uses a soldering iron to burn images on to paper.

Inspired by the traditional thermal printers used for receipts in all shops, the PyroGraph analyses any image and converts it into dots by an image processing algorithm. These dots are then burned with a 450 °C tip on to paper. The time of contact between the iron and the paper determines the grayscale of the dot; the longer it presses against the paper, the darker the dots get. The machine uses a paper roll (so the length of the printed piece can then be up to 100m) and a head moving on a fixed x axis, controlled by motors and software developed by the team.

The PyroGraph will listen to the ambient sound in the room, to create a connection between the space and the printer. The drawings will be distorted depending on the sound activity of the room in which it will be displayed.