Piano glove

The goal for this class was to experiment with electronics without any particular brief presented to us to work on, we decided to explore something that we as a team were equally passionate about. With that in mind, goal was to play around with conductive fabrics and thread in combination with music.

Original idea was to create a piano box, that would be operated with fingers through a glove, with each finger having a different resistance attached to it and therefore making different notes. However, half way through the project, we realised that attaching all the components to the copper paper placed onto the piano box, to be able to complete the circuit would present a set of challenges that led us to come up with a new solution. Next step was to create a mat, with conductive fabric on top of it, one strip as the grounding part and the other to play the music notes. Both strips were connected through wires to an oscillator powered by a battery.

For the glove part, we attached different value resistors, sawn to conductive fabric with the idea of mimicking different note values through different resistor strengths. Since all the fingers were connected in a parallel, it enabled us to create more different sounds than just four.