Concordance is a music performance piece triggered by popular Western canon, inspired by the metaphor of a highlighting marker.

The Processing code is able to search the entire text of a book and transform it into a list of words sorted by their frequency. Then, it takes the number of times a word appears, and deconstructs this number into individual digits which each call a note from a selected scale. By running the code on multiple computers with different texts, the code is able to search the frequency of the same word across multiple books, and turn those numbers into separate chords from the same scale. For this piece, the books Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were used.

Each computer is plugged into a Cheap, Fat and Open Synthesizer, connected together through a mixer, and finally reproduced through a speaker.

This is a project by first-time coders Adriana Chiaia, Sophie Chow and Sena Partal.