For Introduction to Interaction Design, our prompt was to create a “How Might We” statement while looking towards transportation as our inspiration. One of the problems seen within the group was that a variety of reasons kept us from exploring new routes on our way to CIID. This led us to explore: “How might we make the daily commute less monotonous?”

This started with a multitude of ideas but eventually turned into the idea for Wayves: an app that maps the city to compose music based on the route you take. We used the Mondrian painting, “Broadway Boogie Woogie” as a metaphor to influence our creative and stylistic choices.

Here’s how it works: the 12 color scheme is mapped to the 12 notes, the street name defines the pitch and the street number defines the amount of randomness. External sound from the phone’s microphone is used to trigger sound effects as delay, reverb and flanger, while the time of day influences the scale used to quantize the notes within a musical scale. Lastly, weather influences the brightness of the sound, while speed of movement sets the musical time divisions.

Different modes of transportation create different experiences, while the same mode of transportation can still create a different piece of music.

At the end, you will receive your route both as a musical composition and a piece of abstract art based on the music, both of which you can share and compare with your friends.

Wavyes: Born out of the desire to make commuting a more creative experience.

See our presentation here: http://goo.gl/1Ac11m