Copenhagen like many cities is undertaking major engineering works to upgrade the transport system. This affects residents in a number of ways, one of the most disturbing is noise pollution. The government currently offer a generous compensation package, however this is not linked to the level of disturbance experienced by the residents.

It is extremely difficult to do anything about the sound, however we can try to create a new relationship with the noise and show affected citizens that these disturbances will contribute to something beneficial in the long run.

Using the metaphor of a swear jar led to the conception of Pieces, a connected system that evaluates the level of compensation residents receive based on the amount of noise pollution they experience. Noise pollution is turned into rewards for the resident, who via an application, can track the level of the noise experienced over time and see how that translates into financial rewards.

This provides a direct link between the noise, the residents and the rewards they receive, whilst seeking to allocate compensation to the most affected.