Everyday, metro passengers around the world line up to enter cars with only a guess of the environment inside.  Metrojector gives each passenger the chance to choose the car of her choice – depending on her specific needs.

Using depth camera technology, each metro car is recorded while traveling between stations. This footage is then live-streamed to the back wall of the next platform. Passengers waiting on the platform can view the cars of the upcoming train, and line up where the environment best suits their needs.

This scenario introduces Momo, a young professional living in Copenhagen. She commutes everyday at 8am, when during peak travel hours. She guesses which metro car is the least crowded – but she never knows for sure.

Later, on her way home from work, after a couple drinks with friends, she heads to the metro. In this case, she doesn’t feel safe around a group of partiers – instead, she chooses a quieter one.

In any moment of the day, Metrojector empowers Momo to choose the metro car best suited to her needs.