Copenhagen´s canals represent a physical barrier between people and different parts of the city. Moreover, the waterways are often perceived as emotionally uninviting during winter. So how can we reinterpret the concept of a bridge by adding emotional value and augmenting the waterfront without heavily interfering with the environment?

The concept of a conventional bridge was further used as metaphor to reimagine what it could mean to connect people and allow for interpersonal communication. The idea was to design a non-intrusive bridge constructed of light rays that dynamically follow and emotionally connect strangers alongside the canals. Pressure sensors below the cobblestone are used to detect movements of walkers on both sides of the waterfront, in order to light up interacting spotlights down at the canal wall on each side respectively.

The Lightbridge poetically rearranges the perception of the waterfront from a cold, harsh place to a playful environment that facilitates new ways of encounter.