Whine or Wine?

At reunions, we always find ourselves missing those that couldn’t make it to the event. Different ways have been explored to make those not at the party feel engaged, but there’s just something highly personal about being able to give someone a drink.

Wine or Whine? is our way of inviting far away friends into a place where they are not able to attend physically and have them pour someone a glass of wine. An integrated screen will allow them to see the recipient for a quick cheers, a friendly wave or perhaps a woeful whining expression. The generous act of pouring someone a glass of wine is essential to feeling involved in a gathering and this key interaction is what we wanted to draw on.

With its raw aesthetic, and simple interaction, Wine or Whine? is able to blend into the space to keep the flow of the party centered around interactions between participants who are there. Once someone’s name is called out, they simply approach the booth, place their cup and look into the space of a friend far-far-away, in real-time. When they return to the party, perhaps they will share a story about their generous friend to others – or they may take a moment out of their busy event to give them a call.