Then | Now

Then | Now is a visualization that depicts CIID alumni’s home countries and current cities, using processing to show the interactions and the visual elements.

Each CIID alumni is represented via a circle, the circle’s color represents their home country. When scrolling over each circle, lines appear that connect alumni in a way to clearly showcase the same home countries. To show that more people come from that come from a particular country, the smaller the circle is, this design decision was made so that each country would get the same representation on the screen.

The x axis shows time CIID IDP existed from 2008 to 2015. The y axis shows the distance from Copenhagen and essentially how far people ended up post CIID IDP, the farther down you are on the y axis, the farther your current city is from Copenhagen. For example, San Francisco and Shenzhen are on a close on the y axis, because they have a similar distance from Copenhagen.