Path is an interactive data visualisation aimed at CIID alumni and students of the Interaction Design Programme, allowing them to see at first glance, their trajectory throughout the year – based around their projects and the people they worked with. It uses a data set of the students who collaborated on each project.

It was created using Processing, and displays a dynamic visualisation for each year of the IDP. Each student becomes a selectable node on a circular path, and the lines linking students represent individual projects, color-coded by each course they studied. When an individual student is selected, the network of all lines/projects fades out to display only the path and projects of the chosen student.

The end result was designed to be projected from above, so that people could step in to the space and have lines connecting them beneath their feet, a network of light illustrating who they had worked with the most (thickest lines) or least, or not at all; allowing them to relive their memories of all the team experiences and projects created at CIID.