Evil Twin

The Evil Twin is an experimental motivation app that aims to change the habits of an individual through punishment in a humorous way.

Following the brief of the emotive interfaces class which centered around self-surveillance platforms, the Evil Twin gathers insights on your consumer behaviour by tracking geographical location and banking data. With this information, the app can help the user achieve their set consumer-related goals – like quitting excessive coffee drinking. Upon ordering a coffee at an establishment, the Evil Twin would punish you accordingly by blocking your Facebook access for a set time, changing your email signature, or even reporting you to a significant other!

During the research phase, it was discovered that people who respond to encouraging feedback rarely use motivation apps, so the Evil Twin app targets a certain set of people that respond to a different stimulus.

The personality of the Evil Twin adjusts to a nicer version over time as you get better and need him less. With the help of a conversational interface, you can chat with your bad counterpart.