DreamCatcher is a dream-journaling app that helps people document their dreams by generating images and gauging sentiment in a visual way.

When you start to chronicle a dream/experience, it allows you to record a text or audio description of your dream, records your location and temperature, and the approximate sentiment of the dream. The image you attach with the description is then processed through Google DeepDream, and given back to you as a representation of how the neural networks visualised your dream.

The results are presented in the form of a dream diary, with a view that toggles between an overall visualisation of your dream sentiments over time, as well as a page-by-page version of your dream stories with their associated images. The objective was to provide users with a book-like view of their dream stories and associated conditions, so that they could identify meaningful patterns, themes and overall emotional state from within their sleep data. The color palette was chosen so as to be optimal under low-light conditions and a state of incomplete wakefulness.

This prototype was made using Sketch and Flinto over the course of one week.