Doku is an organizational app that helps makers reflect on their craft by documenting their process in an easy and compressed way.  Often makers’ projects can be complex and all-consuming; it’s easy to forget to document. When a project is finished, it can be hard to reflect and remember key milestones along the way.

With Doku, users have an organized documentation platform with reminders, so they can focus on their project while also having a comprehensive documentation of their work. They can set location-based notifications that remind them to document when arriving to their workshop, and set reminders at specified time intervals to regularly take photos or videos.

The built-in “onion” layering effect helps users take consistent photos without needing a tripod. By taking regular documentation of their work, and archiving it in Doku, users can more easily reflect on their steps along the way.

In the last week, each of us was tasked to make our own variation of the user interface.