This concept was aimed at shining light on the issue of raising and maintaining cows, especially in mass production farms. Currently, the issues that surface in the media are limited to the slaughterhouses even though the living conditions on the farms are often far worse.  

Meadow is a possible solution for this situation as the farm would not be run by a farmer, but instead by a system that makes decisions based on the cow’s happiness and wellbeing.

Meadow is, in its essence, a free range farm where cows are guided by food beacons through the fields until they are ready to go to the slaughterhouse. The beacons are, however,  more than just a food stop for the animal, they are communication stops for system to asses the overall state of each animal. This information is collected through the ear tag that each cows is given at birth. The RFID-enabled tags are used to identify cows as well as measure key vital signs (using inbuilt temperature sensors) so the system is able to determine if cow is happy and healthy or if there is a need for an intervention.

Once a cow reaches a beacon, the ear tag is detected and beacon changes its color according to the age category of the cow. This color association will later on be used to guide certain groups of cows in different directions.