Guardians of the Dark

The Guardians of the Dark are a set of interactive companions that help kids get over their fear of the dark. The companions sleep during the day and are afraid of the light, but they’re the perfect friends to explore the dark with. The three guardians come with an interactive, glow-in-the-dark book and an adventure flashlight for exploring the dark spots in a child’s room. This encourages explorations during nighttime, from discovering constellations in the night sky to discovering there’s no monsters in the closet.

Each guardian has a different backstory, which influences the interactions and adventures.

SoFar was born on Mars. One day on an interstellar journey, he fell down to Earth and got separated from his family and ever since, he’s been afraid. SoFar would do best close to the bed.

PitterPatter comes from nature. He can communicate with bats and birds, and sense weather changes. However, he is really afraid of rain and thunder storms. PitterPatter does best by the window, because he likes to watch the night sky.

KanCall was born inside a piano and loves music and sound. He pays attention to everything around. He should be placed by the door, as the gatekeeper to the room!

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