Sense Therapy Room

The Sense Therapy Room comprises a collection of five pieces, each of which explores how the five most widely recognised senses can perform therapeutic actions in our personal lives.  The room belongs to an individual and the objects it contains pertain to the individual’s very personal needs.

SIGHT – Show me Shoji

Sometimes in life we are unable to show our true feelings. We repress emotions that we think are undesirable in many situations; muting our happiness when we receive good news in public or masking our anger over an unfavourable decision at work.

Shadows are our constant companion, seemingly silent and playing back our actions. They hold our secrets, not simply following us but recording our emotions. What if they could help us better understand the way we felt over the course of our day?

Using a signature command, “Show me Shoji,” traditional Japanese shoji door frames open to reveal your unseen emotions displayed by your shadow. You are confronted by feelings you experienced but did not exhibit. Talking to your shadow is an act of catharsis; you at once calm the exaggerated display of the shadow and relieve yourself of any pent up emotions.

Of course your shadow is there for you on good days too, re-affirming positive feelings.

SOUND – Cloud Confession Cone

We all have our secrets. They are personal things which we rarely reveal to others, yet when we do share our private feelings with others we often experience positive effects. So what is holding us back?

The Cloud Confession Cone aims to help people reveal secrets by creating a safe space for sharing. The conical shape is specially designed to insulate sound, assuring you of privacy while sharing your secret.

Within the cone, secrets from the network are played back in a loop. You hear fragments of secrets obscured by the added noise of other secrets, ensuring that a secret is truly hidden. This noise provides a fitting sound-scape for you to add your own secret to the network, at once letting go of a private matter through the act of confession and sharing to the wider world whilst maintaining your privacy.

SMELL – Odoor

Boundaries are important when we want to retain our privacy and solitude. We often construct physical objects to divide and separate space forgetting that other senses such as smell can be equally effective in creating a barrier.

With Odoor you are able to create an effective perimeter through scent between two spaces where physical division is either undesirable or not possible. The fragrance, which was carefully developed with the help of scent experts, is especially designed to send other humans packing.

Once activated, motion sensors detect if anybody is approaching the protected zone. The device uses pressurised air to deliver a burst of intense smell to dissuade potential distractors ensuring that activities which require solitude particularly in the realm of personal therapy can be carried out.

TOUCH – TLC: Tic Losing Companions

Many people suffer from nervous tics and repetitive habits from which they derive pleasure and relief. These are typically undesirable and difficult to stop often causing stress. In private situations without the judgement of others and particularly in the comfort of one’s home, these addictions may intensify.

Tic Losing Companions are a series of devices designed for the home that seek to help sufferers get over their habits by creating new associations. Instead of finding relief from their impulse action, the individual finds pain in the form of sharp icicles.

Over time the individual is conditioned to associate the gesture with pain, gradually relieving them of their previous concern and eventually allowing them to go about their daily life at home without the need for TLC devices.

TASTE – Blah Flakes

Emotional eating because we’re bored, stressed, or just because we have nothing better to do can become a vicious cycle and lead to other unwanted conditions. This led to the expression ‘eating your feelings’ but what if eating our feelings became something positive.

Blah Flakes looks to the future of food consumption, where we derive all of our required nutrition through a simple, ecologically friendly, standardised product. Since this product is devoid of taste, it does not encourage emotional eating or trigger emotions through stand-alone consumption.

Through eight specially designed emotional-shakers, consumers of Blah Flakes can truly eat their feelings. Available in bitter end, fresh start, hot affair, mellow yellow, sweetie pie, easy cheesy, morning concentrate and extra nutty, these toppings make eating an act of therapy, reinforcing positive feelings and helping to overcome negative emotions.