NONCHALANCE – The future of wearables

As part of a week-long course, we explored themes of a speculative future relating to each individual sense, to put together a unified sensory kit. NONCHALANCE, is a futuristic fashion line – a range of wearables designed to help people cope with stress triggers, adjust to environmental factors, create tailor-made experiences and a sense of private personal space, and allow for new ways of self-expression. We have a range of products currently available, that can either be worn alone or together for a unique sensory experience.

Our range of Selective Reality Cloaks are bespoke, personalized jackets that you order online from our e-store. There are a few categories of fabrics to choose from: Fade-in, Blur, Positive Projections, Filters, and Slow-motion. Each fabric is based on certain anxiety triggers, and will help ease you into any social situation. Fade-In cloaks control the wearer’s opacity/invisibility via a slider on the sleeve, Slow motion controls the speed of the wearer’s surroundings using the jacket’s zipper, Blur would allow the user to select their specific environmental triggers – and then would blur them in reality, the blur radius controlled using a pinch-zoom on the sleeve, and so on.

Our range of accessories includes space-sensing umbrellas. The Space Umbrella dynamically composes sound, based on the spatial orientation of the umbrella, pointed toward a particular area of the night sky. The zoom level of the space-scape is controlled using a slidable dial along the umbrella handle. The image received by the umbrella is processed through a 1930s Russian ANS synthesizer, to generate a unique sound, which is played back to the listener within the umbrella dome. There are controls to adjust volume, as well as save and record tracks, using a push button. The umbrella shape creates a 360° sound dome, creating a personal private sound-space.
Point it at the sky, open the device and listen to what constellations, nebulae and planet surfaces have to tell only you. 

For certain anxious scenarios, we created the Stackable Scent Bracelet. Each bracelet houses a different scent that reacts in an optimum way with different environmental variables, providing reassuring familiar scents to ease any discomfort. When required, Scent Bracelet will automatically activate, react to your heart rate, humidity and the external weather, to transmit complementary scents to your body at varying rates – keeping you covered all day long.

Further in accessories, we provide an interactive pair of gloves called the Text Texture Gloves, for a complete texture-based experience of any form of literature or self-generated text content. The gloves are activated once they are slipped on, the inside of the palm lined with nano-pins which project the shape of the associated texture. While reading back your personal diaries, looking to provoke nostalgia, or trying to physically experience the full picture within a book, use the pointing finger to select part of the text. If the text has an associated texture, you will instantly start to feel the weight, temperature and texture along the palm of your hand. Once you are done, twist the wrist-dial to deselect the texture and continue reading. The glove can also be used in recording mode, by turning it inside-out: textures can be recorded and added to an open-source texture library.

Pocket Snacks, are personalised, portable pieces of edible clothing, that can be worn in place of pockets. Your preferred comfort food can be selected on the online store from a variety of tastes, and the style of pocket you prefer to wear. The Pocket Snack will then be sent to you directly, in a convenient easy to use wooden box. Whether you experience anxiety over that next dreaded meeting, or feel a little down, just peel off the pocket and start snacking. The instant rush from that special memory associated with your comfort food will come flooding back and instill a sense of calm and balance in your life.