Sierra Nelmes

Nationality: USA

Area of Expertise: environmental science, interaction design, human resources, project management

Sierra Nelmes comes from a multi-discipline background, originally trained in the geological sciences, with an entrepreneurial vision of redesigning educational experiences for humans of all ages. She believes the educational space is not only ripe for innovation but is critical for building informed, cohesive global communities.

Raised in Hawaii, Japan, and California, she draws on a unique perspective of international diversity while creating experiential environments. Following a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of California at Davis, Sierra’s diverse work experience spans four years of environmental consulting to nonprofit work in Africa to two years in a revolutionary green tech Silicon Valley startup, Nest Labs, Inc.

From geotechnical engineering and groundwater remediation projects, to nonprofit water resources development, to human resources, Sierra brings a fresh set of eyes and a unique perspective to the field of interaction design.

When she’s not busy prototyping new ideas in the CIID lab, Sierra can be found on a bike, surfboard, snowboard, over a yoga mat, or under a parachute.