Sergey Komardenkov

Nationality: Russia / USA

Areas of Expertise: Interface Design, Databases, Photography

Sergey is originally from Moscow, Russia. He studied in the US and graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Information Technology.

His professional background includes work as database architect, programmer, and most recently, UI designer. His career switch to work on UI came after he realised his interest in the design aspects of the end product – how things look, how they are organised from the user’s point of view, and how they are actually used by people.

He came to CIID to learn more about interaction between people and technology and to see how he can use this knowledge to build meaningful products that serve real needs of people.

Besides his interest in interaction design, Sergey also loves music and plays tenor saxophone. He enjoys acting in amateur theater and improvisation shows. One of his other passions is photography which combines well with his love to travel and explore new cultures and places.