Melina Pyykkönen

Nationality: Finnish

Area of Expertise: Installation art and conceptual design

Melina Pyykkönen is a true cross-border EU citizen who was born in Finland but has spent most of her grown-up life in other countries. Research and design processes were central to the education at the Design Lab of Rietveld Academy where Melina gained her design degree. As someone who enjoys novelty, she experimented with new materials and introduced sound into her projects, developing her personal visual and auditory capacities. While applying a technological approach to her projects and installations, sound art and interaction with sound has become one of her main interests.

Her research usually takes place in the borderline of art and design. As an active practitioner she displays great ambition and courage in her search for a personal approach to design and art as a form of connectivity. In a world where everything can be seen as data and information, she wants to contribute in the design process of the smart ways that we use the possibilities that connectivity provides us with.

Excited about the lab like experimental environment provided by CIID, she wants to explore building of social spaces and various possible ways of portraying data as a sensory experience. Furthermore, she aspires to discover more intuitive ways of communicating and understanding data.