Dhruv Saxena

Country: India

Area of Expertise: Human Centered Design

Dhruv is a curious designer with an insatiable urge to solve any problem he can get his hands on. Such indiscriminate exploration has allowed him to experience the importance of human centered design across multiple domains, and now he wishes to deepen his knowledge in interaction design because of its close association to human behavior.

Dhruv started out as a Product Design student at the Indian Institute of Science. After graduation, he stayed back at the Institute and joined a research group where he worked on a number of wearable electronic devices, some of which are ready to see the light of day.

A staunch supporter of lean prototyping, he likes to test his designs on the fly. He believes it is a lot more fun designing with the users rather than designing for them, and he upholds this belief by obtaining valuable feedback from potential users through their interaction with his quick and dirty prototypes time and again.

Eventually, he wants to build a start-up which creates technology capable of talking to the end user without the need for a spoken language, and he hopes to master this skill of designing intuitive communication between a product and its user at CIID.