Andreas Refsgaard

Nationality: Danish
Areas of Expertise: Sociology, Digital Design, Creative Coding

After earning a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Andreas decided to pursue a Master in Digital Design and Communication, where he focused on digital aesthetics and user experience. He likes to see opportunities rather than barriers and has worked with everything from advertising and political campaigning to teaching statistics and producing digital art installations around Copenhagen.

Andreas has a special kind of humour, and his pursuit of even the most far-fetched projects has led to several TV performances and three book releases. Learn more at

Andreas sees CIID as a great place to develop new skills in an exiting area that will allow him to combine his interest in society with his passion for digital design. He hopes to learn from experts as well as peers and is particularly interested in working with data visualization or interactive digital art.

When not at CIID Andreas enjoys playing music with his band “Flintesønnerne” and eating buttermilk dessert.