Akshay Verma

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Film, Photography

Akshay believes that design is the perfect combination of art and science, aesthetics and function, and intuition and intellect. During his childhood, he loved to draw, enjoyed making simple mechanical things out of cardboard and tape, and was fascinated by computers, science and astronomy. In his teen years, he developed a strong interest in photography and pursued it for a long time.

He joined the National Insitute of Design, Ahmedabad, India in 2010 and studied film and video communication. At NID, besides learning to direct, he also learnt cinematography, screenwriting, production, the fundaments of design, and a myriad of other subjects over a course of four and a half years.

He is interested in interactive storytelling and finds the medium of interaction design uniquely liberating as it blurs the boundaries between disciplines and allows creations to be their own media.

At CIID, he wishes to get back to his childhood dream of becoming an inventor and wants to learn to create meaningful experiences that bring happiness to people.