Sonic (Early Warning Collision System)

From film sound to data sonification, sound design is used to compose human reactions and deepen understandings. With no prior experience of audio software or sound design, we brainstormed on unique ways the human sense of hearing can enhance both experience and performance.

Collision prevention in extreme sports is ripe for development using the power of sound design. Skydiving and wingsuit flying deals with high speed environments, up to 200 miles an hour, which compromise the normal use of human senses. For example, the ability to simply look around changes movement which affects surface area and subsequently the athlete’s trajectory.

We used this problem space as a design opportunity to enhance performance and safety. Using sound composition to replace the limitation of the senses, the concept aims to give understanding of what is going on around you that would otherwise be impossible.

Our early prototype involved a sound designed to convey awareness about the 3-dimensional space immediately surrounding a person using pitch, pan, fidelity, and volume. These 4 parameters were used to map the x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, and radial distance from the center.