CPH Meetups

As part of a four-week collaboration between CIID and the International House, the first two weeks of the Data Driven Service Design course covered a speculative approach to the International House and immigration process. The second two weeks focused in on more applicable and near-future solutions for the International House and the immigration process.

Key research findings during the first two weeks revealed a disparity between the critical analysis of people by the immigration process and the critical analysis that happens between one individual to another. Additionally, the immigration process is an experience of cultural value transfer for individuals as they pass their identity across political borders.

During the second two weeks, key research findings revealed that Copenhageners are interested and willing to help international newcomers through the process of integrating into Copenhagen culture. More hosts have signed up to participate in the existing, yet struggling, Cultural Host program of the International House compared to the sparse number of incoming newcomers who have signed up to receive a culture host through the existing program.

Most importantly, research findings revealed there is a critical point in the immigration process after arrival in Denmark where many newcomers experience isolation. This critical point presented a valuable design opportunity to the team.

Service Explanation

“CPH Meetups” is a social community service connecting newcomers who recently arrived in Copenhagen with resident Copenhageners in order to weave supportive and personal network connections into the process of immigration. The service facilitates a network of support and guidance by connecting people and establishing cross-cultural networks. The users, who connect and create experiences through the mobile app, create the value of the service.

Who is it for?
The user group includes all newcomers who have immigrated to Copenhagen. By connecting them with a ‘host’ Copenhagen resident, they will have the resources through language support and cultural guidance to better navigate the initial process of integrating with the Danish culture upon arriving in Copenhagen. The cultural hosts gain valuable network connections, both professional and social, while seeing their city from a newcomer’s perspective. The service facilitates meetings between newcomers and Copenhageners via a mobile app, where the users can create profiles with the International House and get in touch with locals through a match-making service, direct messaging, and personalized activity suggestions.

Why is it valuable?
The service improves the immigration experience for newcomers, the International House, and the citizens of Copenhagen by creating a smooth transition and soft landing into Denmark while executing the goals of the International House. On a micro level, value lies in the personal guidance provided by the host and, subsequently, a smoother integration into Copenhagen culture and social life. On a macro level, the International House and citizens of Copenhagen can trust that newcomers are thus better informed and supported during integration into the city. The users, who connect and create experiences through the mobile app, create the value of the service.

How does it work?
‘CPH Meetups’ is a service platform facilitating a network of support for Copenhageners, new and veteran. Users create individual profiles that are verified by the International House and start to create and participate in meetups. Users are matched using an algorithm that utilizes the cultural background of users, their time in Copenhagen, and age via information gathered from Facebook and LinkedIn.

‘CPH Meetups’ is a service that belongs to the International House and provides several touch points throughout the immigration process. The international newcomers learn of the service through online searches of immigration to Denmark or in-person marketing material at the International House. At the point of visa acceptance, the user soon receives a tangible Welcome Package from the International House with material to outline the service. This contains information about what needs and expectations exist from the International House for immigration processing once the newcomer has arrived in Copenhagen. The newcomer can begin to create connections with hosts through meetup events prior to arrival, upon arrival, or after arrival in Copenhagen.

Final Prototype:

CPH Meet-Ups