Ceremonial integration

What if the citizen registration service at International House was so personal that it became an unforgettable experience, the ultimate welcome that would make people never want to go back?

Following a fast and impersonal approach, our team ideated on a very personal and slow service. From the interviews with the service staff we found out that they need to understand the nuances of different cultures, and not hold prejudices. Therefore, we speculated on a service assistant’s role that would be much more than a clerical office job where welcoming the newcomer was of essence.

As a result, we used the wedding as a metaphor where the ritual of welcoming a newcomer personally becomes a central function. Weddings are generally an ultimate showcase of culture. Even if the ceremony does not take long one perceives it as being slow, as it is easy to follow and essential to be pronounced taking time and with attention.

We felt a wedding metaphor fosters mutual understanding of rights and responsibilities between the persons providing and receiving the service as well as sharing of trust – aspects that can also be acknowledged between a state and its citizens.