Mail Man (Barry)

Characteristics of Barry:Agency
– be able to communicate
– communication results in concrete action
– be able to make decisions by learning from owner’s behaviour
– eliminates the noise in a conversation

– be understandable
– be sensitive
– not too intrusive

Barry can be accessed directly by people of your choice – close friends and family.
Barry has a GSM module which enables SMS messages to be conveyed. It can also access a user’s email account via the internet. Facebook messages???
The filtering of these messages are based on user preferences.

Barry is a perceptive object and tracks activity around the house via sound and movement. It learns patterns of movement and relays a message when movement has stopped.

A lot of existing design of communication happens in the present – it relies heavily on sending a message and receiving immediate response. Be it your phone or Facebook, different channels tell you not only whether your message has been delivered but also whether it is seen and read. People almost expect immediate response when they know you read their message. They may even go on to feel offended. You, however, may not be in the head space to respond to intimate and meaningful messages from close friends and family throughout the day when you’re consumed by all kinds of daily tasks. We only have limited attentional resources after all. It may not be the right moment to receive or respond. By the time you go home, you already forgot about them. You may want to be reminded of these later or softly nudged to respond to those people. And sometimes you don’t. Why should there always be an expectation of response?

Most communication is about the present – it is about sending a message and receiving a response as soon as the person reads it. It is about having expectations. This isn’t about that. This is about having an object perceptive enough to filter meaningful and intimate messages and considerate enough to relay them to you in a moment when you are in the right head space – relaxed, feeling comfortable and ready to give it the attention it deserves.

It enables communication without breaking it or creating expectations. The person sending you the message knows how Barry works. There is a relationship of trust. They know Barry will get your attention when you are free and tell you what you need to know.

Barry represents a mailman. His working hours may be strange and synched with your life. He gets to know you, your family and your friends. He cares enough to wait for the best moment. He says to the sender: “Don’t worry, I’ll let him know when the time is right”. It creates a conversation that does not break. It is a conversation outside of the daily bullshit/small talk. It’s all the parts you want to remember, keep and reflect on. It’s something you want to put up on your fridge, stick on the mirror or get creative with on your wall.