Our task for this project was to design and prototype a mobile application that lets you connect with strangers.

Relay is an app that allows you to anonymously communicate with people in your vicinity by broadcasting messages and questions. It’s a way of shouting without interfering with others.

It detects other users around you and automatically forms an instant ad-hoc network where each connected device acts as a relay that transmits messages along the chain. These networks don’t rely on the internet, but are rather formed using your phone’s inbuilt radios like WiFi and Bluetooth. The app presents you with a visual overview of who’s around you and what they are talking about. You can either broadcast your messages to the entire network, or send direct messages to individuals.

The final result of this project is an interactive animated click-through prototype. During this course, the team learned about designing and prototyping both the static and the dynamic elements that make up modern-day graphical user interfaces.