Secret Recommendations

In this two-week project, students worked together with Copenhagen Municipal Council (Københavns Kommune) to conduct design research for a project aiming to repurpose 800 of the city’s 1600 parking meters.

Working within this domain, the goal was not to execute a specific design direction, but rather to discover one, or many. After a series of interviews with residents and tourists, field research, co-creation and testing, the findings and design proposals were presented to the Kommune at the end of the two-weeks.

From the initial field research, it became clear that Copenhagen could greatly benefit from a system that allowed users to learn about ‘secret’ places, cafés, bars, events etc, in a manner that still preserved them as ‘hidden gems’ within the city. Having prototyped an early iteration of such a concept, some insights emerged around the assumption that engagement would occur between pedestrians and a touchscreen device at street level. These findings were later used as inspiration and guidance for participants of the hack-a-thon, scheduled to be completed in Autumn 2015.