Image Sense – Enriching the digital experience

During the Motors and Music course, the class was introduced to the science behind motorized haptic technologies and dynamic tangible interactions. The team focused on creating a device which enables people who are deprived of sight to experience visual moments.

How might we empower the visually impaired people to perceive the world like those without disabilities? Imagine the ability to feel the visual aspects of a surrounding environment through haptic feedback of images, which resonate in sound.

Introducing Image Sense – an exploration in the field of haptics, composed of different motion components. A plank attached to a slider, which holds a sensor and reads information out of images. It combines the sense of touch with auditory and visual feedback. Every picture creates a different haptic resonance, based on the captured motive. For instance, a mountain chain would make one feel the peaks and valleys through an increasing and decreasing force that one can feel in the reading unit/haptic controller by sliding over the picture.

This device can be operated by two people. The second person just needs to simply press the button (Force Sensitive Resistor), which allows the users to flip through different images. This way two people can create their own sound scope with various tonalities and resistances that each image produces.