Resistive Record

The Resistive Record is the result of a weeklong exploration into the materials and properties of electronics. It utilizes a modified record player to produce melodies from electrical circuits which have been hand-drawn on paper discs.

To construct the instrument we made use of a 555 timer and an op-amp based synthesizer, built earlier in the week. It creates varying sound frequencies based on the resistance between its two probes. By exploiting the resistive properties of graphite in combination with conductive paint, we were able to place distinct points of electrical resistance around the disk.

As the disk rotates on the turntable, an inner conductive band makes constant contact with one of the synthesizer’s probes, while the second probe completes the circuit as it touches the distinct resistive spokes. By varying the length and concentration of the graphite along with the spacing of the spokes, we were able to create different melodic loops.