Smaller and Glucose

The tale of S-Glucose and Smaller:

Occurence: January 1st, 1970
Where: PDP-11, model 40 minicomputer in Copenhagen
Characteristics: Sugary particle with short life time approximated at 6000 milliseconds. Somewhere around 5000 milliseconds age it begins to evaporate quickly. Its color “in rest” is a semi-transparent red. Upon being consumed by a Smaller particle it changes its color to semi-transparent yellow.

Occurence: January 1st, 1970
Where: PDP-11, model 40 minicomputer in Copenhagen
Characteristics: Particle with fully transparent body and bright green edges that form 12 spikes which help Smallers attach to each other. Smaller may form a connected pair, and no more than one connection is accepted by a Smaller. They are extremely attracted by S-Glucose particle as this seems to be their primary food source. Upon consuming enough of the S-Glucose, Smallers produce Particles.

Our process:
We went through the process of creating these “creatures” in incremental steps. At first, we were interested in simple behavior of moving around the screen and connecting together. Later, as we got better and better with Processing, we coded interaction between different creatures. Finally, when the core of the behavior was done and we had some time left, we introduced some more detailed characteristics like the production of Particles and color change for S-Glucose.