When most people think of a network, they imagine a large number of dots connected to one-another on a single canvas. Interestingly, that is not how people think when they imagine their network on a social networking site. They imagine news and pictures from their connections in the form of a linear feed, because that is how social networking sites are structured.

Perhaps, the affordances of the small screens of laptops and mobile devices are not suitable to create a single canvas representation of a network. But, what if we could represent a network on a single canvas just like people imagine it naturally! What information could such a network provide? In what context would people find such a network most useful? Kin is a product which tries to answer these questions.

Kin is (would be) a product found in work spaces of organisations which take pride in being global and multi-cultural. Kin holds stories about all the members of the organisation, but presents them in a unique network visualisation on a single canvas. Since we are talking about global organisations, Kin uses the world map as its canvas and shows the movement of its members on the map in real time, along with short stories about what those members were doing at a particular location.