Orbicular world

One of our explorations was to reveal invisible architecture by using a turning platform with a camera facing upwards. Photos were taken inside and outside of public places such as the library. By shooting pictures with a long exposure time while turning the platform, we saw the intricate architecture turn into an orbicular world. Using a neutral density filter we were able to shoot pictures outside and balance the colours as they were without over-exposure.

Another experiment, was capturing vibrations visually through coloured balls. We used a Triggertrap on on a trampoline. Here the vibration of the trampoline would trigger the camera and make the balls jump. While shooting we learned that the sensor of the Triggertrap to be too sensitive.

Later we moved from the vibrations at the trampoline to the smoke of incense stick. Here we returned to use the turning platform to see what would happen once we lit up the sticks and turned the platform while using long exposure time.