Under a glass terrarium lives the miniature model of a dream: a new school for the neighborhood. As the community contributes by tapping a credit card or phone, they see the subject of their dream grow and take shape. Progress towards their goal is projected. With enough donations, the subject of their wish is realized…

Financial Futures is a feedback solution for fundraising campaigns to communicate with their contributors. The product is envisaged to serve as a donation point, as well as to replace traditional fundraising ‘thermometers’. It uses holograms to display real time progress made towards reaching a specific fundraising goal. Each time donation is made, the holographic rendering of the final goal will automatically develop, in line with the relative amount of the donation. This can help donors visualize the impact of their individual contribution. Similarly, it provides a focal point for community development projects and a medium to illustrate the potential impact of people working together for a common goal.

The final prototype developed out of the team’s interest in exploring extreme variances in scale of an interaction. Small, enclosed spaces that represent a miniature world of their own offered the potential for rich interactions. The desired impact is to create an environment that delights people and inspires them to engage in shaping this world together.