Spark – Now or Never

Working within the short brief of designing emotive digital services for live events, the team turned to interviews for inspiration. Both impromptu street interviews and in-depth interviews landed them in the space of politics. They narrowed the focus on political demonstrations and designed low-fidelity prototypes to test with the same interviewees and new ones.

The team designed and prototyped Spark, a service that inspires people to participate in demonstrations, follow demonstrations in realtime, and help people understand the impact of participating.

Research insights guided their prioritization of the key features and GUI flow. A trailer video conveys their research findings and summarizes the design choices behind Spark. A video prototype walks the audience through a potential use case.

Future efforts on this project would hope to explore partnerships with NGO’s or activist organizations, as exemplified by one interviewee and former UN employee, Chelsey Wickmark, “I see this being an amazing collection of data from their supporters and their opinions and they can use it as an advocacy tool later after the event.”


Music credit: Podington Bear – Happiness Is