Encore is a live-streaming service to help artists reach out to new audiences by broadcasting short shows in an intimate and interactive way.

Shows are capped at a length of thirty minutes. Each show consists of one main act or a main act and a supporting artist. This allows fans of one artist to discover an up-and-coming artist of a similar genre, just like at a real-life concert. When an artist creates a live show on Encore, it is promoted through a variety of online channels for a minimum of 24 hours. This helps Encore shape these live streams into live shows.

Artists can see a portion of their audience at all times, again mirroring a real, live show. Audience members can ‘share the love’ with the performer ‘on-stage’ by sending a heart which the musician can see on his or her dashboard. At the end of their thirty minutes, audiences can offer artists an encore; five additional minutes to perform a final song.

Encore is free for both artists and audiences. One advertisement at the midpoint of each show generates revenue for the service. Artists can receive donations of $1 maximum from audiences during their show.