Safe Stream

For this class, we were challenged to ideate on a wearable having an affordance which would lend itself to the context of a utopian/dystopian future. Within the short time span of a couple of days, we came up with a wearable with the following pitch:

“In the future, internet of things became the internet of the mind. It directly connected humans’ brains and machines together wirelessly. Humans could gain knowledge about a machine and its operations by just being near it. However, what was expected to be a boon for humanity, turned out to be their worst nightmare. Hackers and government alike, hacked into the brains of innocent citizens.

It would often happen that one would wake up confused on the floor, oblivious to the fact that one’s memory had been exposed and exploited. Safe Stream, a start-up by modern day ethical hackers brings the safety of ancient wired technology to the present world. With Safe Stream you can gain all the information about an object through wired data transfer by just touching the object, ensuring you never experience another embarrassing black out.”