Simon Herzog

Country: Austria
Area of Expertise: Music and Fashion

Growing up in Vienna, Austria, Simon spent a year working in a prison for drug addicts before studying sociology at Columbia University in New York. He has been living there ever since, working at two startups: a platform for early-stage investing, and an online community for makers.

Simon has been producing and DJing electronic music for years and has performed with his rapper friends at festivals across Europe. He has also been designing and sewing his own clothing for some years and likes to work with leather and African prints. He also collects propaganda posters and airplane safety cards.

Coming to CIID with experience in human subject research and a passion for technology, Simon is excited to learn from his talented and diverse peers. After CIID, he hopes to work on wearable technology, the internet of things, tangible user interfaces, interactive art, and new forms of storytelling.

Simon is a generalist who loves learning and applying new skills quickly.