Saurabh Datta

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Civil Engineering, Making

A boy who made a single rotor helicopter out of a table clock in a fortnight for his final year physics examination – never even knowing what a gyroscopic stabiliser was called.

Born in the hills with a curious mind; surrounded with stereotypicality and resourcelessness never stopped his zeal. Since school, his passion for breaking and making led him to what he does part-time these days – teaching society and kids the need for “getting their hands dirty – a need for MAKING”.

He did his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, and due to his passion for electronics, robotics, art, poetry and a lot other things – he tried to mash-up everything. This helped him discover that he’s not happy being called as a specialist in any field.

As a Civil Engineer, he was the co-founder of the college Robotics club and affiliated it at national levels.

A person who believes learning and making can go hand in hand and design is the only pen that can write it down in proper terms, lead him to explore in his spare time about interaction design and research topics in human computer interaction and media arts.

Design for him is not a tool as a designer’s perspective. He is a wannabe self-driven designer who designs his surroundings that can impartially effect the neighborhood, virally effecting their respective periphery, spreading it globally with sustainability. The simplistic end level approach while delivering in terms of form and factor and sufficient answering to the call is what he sees in design does best.

Some of his crazy yet fun works involve meshing literature, art and coding in a software package and crazy spinal spikes that react with EMF fields. The craziest one – he believes he can remake the Microsoft Kinect Sensor on his own.

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