Martino Bilello

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Industrial Design

Martino`s interests range from art to design to films and literature. He is fond of beautiful shapes as much as of brilliant ideas. He has always been fascinated by technology and wonders how much more technology can do for us.

Martino obtained a Degree in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan. After graduation he moved to Ireland and, 3 years later, to The Netherlands where he worked as intern at Satyendra Pakhalè Studio Design, in Amsterdam.

From that moment on, he followed a different path. He worked as field technician for Google Street View and as server build technician for Softlayer (IBM). Dealing with technology on daily basis made him want to know more about it and the possibility to play with it and forge it intrigued him.

He is eager to learn what research through design can do for a project and/or for a company.

He is thrilled at the thought of participating in the IDP at CIID, where he wants to learn as much as possible about Interaction Design.