Francesca Desmarais

Country: United States
Area of Expertise: Low-Carbon Architecture, International Economics

Francesca is a systemic thinker who is fascinated by global networks and the “wicked” problems that are ensnared within these networks, primarily international development and climate change.

For the past three years she has worked as a project lead, strategist, and spokesperson for Architecture 2030, a top U.S. think tank in low-carbon architecture and planning. She has spoken at leading conferences and has been profiled as a millennial architect in Architect magazine. Through her work on various tools and applications, she discovered her love of building prototypes, planning information architecture, and exploring user processes – and decided to embark on a new direction. Francesca is particularly intrigued by the “internet of everything” and the products and systems that are evolving to support human interactions in the face of climate change.

A third-culture kid, Francesca grew up on five different continents which sparked an insatiable curiosity in the world and led to an undergraduate in International Political Economy. Her meandering path continues at CIID where she is excited to explore new skills and techniques and get her hands dirty making things.